about the artist

Mirrors of Magic is a project by artist and designer Emma Rhoads. She creates fantastical worlds on glass and mirror, drawing inspiration from nature, psychedelica, mythology and subconscious thought.

The pieces' changing reflections allow us to contemplate the limitations of reality to our own ways of seeing and individual perception, investigating the diversity and subjectivity of experience in a universe filled with infinite perspectives.

Reflection confronts the idea that art is dependent not only on the viewer's physical presence, but on their unique ways of seeing. The mirror, as an unchanging form, becomes dependent on light, shadow and human interaction. Each piece is experienced differently contingent upon our individual narratives, confronting us with whether there exists such a thing as objectivity.

Rhoads plays with the idea of reality as an illusion, creating fantastical immersive experiences which prompt us to contemplate the boundaries of our perception and illuminate us to new ways of seeing through light, shadow and reflection.